Travels through Bangladesh: the foreigner


“Eggs! Aye eggs! Eggs!”

His piercing voice carried through the streets as though he were speaking through a megaphone – a mighty, somewhat jarring tenor. It was barely half six, but the man with the eggs had already started his rounds. She had overslept.

Her bare feet were warmed by the sunbaked clay as she wove through the streets, teeming with life – the usual affair. Merchants laid their wares across large tarps on the roadside and children scampered about laughing and playing games. She had very little in the way of funds today – perhaps she would buy a chicken or a leg of goat. She was not worried, for she relished in the opportunity to exercise her exceptional talents in barter.

There was a woman at old man Hamid’s store purchasing mango chutney. She watched on as the woman handed Hamid three hundred taka, and absurdly steep price, but old man Hamid would not pass up an opportunity to take advantage of a customer who didn’t know any better. Oblivious to the notion that she had just been conned, the pale skinned woman proceeded to enthusiastically take photos of her unremarkable surrounds.

“Silly, silly foreigner,” she sighed to herself. “I envy you and your fascination with this place. Surely there is nothing in the congested pit that is Dhaka city that would be a spectacle to you.”

Hardware: iPhone 5s
Dhaka city, Bangladesh

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