Truck Stop Deluxe – burger review

Truck Stop Deluxe | 98 WATTON ST WERRIBEE VIC 3030

Our first stop (PUN INTENDED) in our burger challenge was Truck Stop Deluxe in Western Melbourne outer suburb Werribee. It is a west-coast inspired diner serving up a range of burgers, shakes and sides with a really snazzy interior. It featured trucks, road signs and trucker gear, which really added to the feel of the diner. We’d go as far as to say that we were so impressed by the interior that we’d recommend Truck Stop Deluxe just on the basis that we felt like it was a really cool experience just being there.

Enough about the venue, let’s get on to reviewing the burgers! We’re gonna be using five categories for our reviews, each of which will be graded out of five points. The patties and buns will generally be the same (as they are for this review), but if they do differ we’ll mention it in the review.



The meat was the best thing about this burger for us… as well as the worst. On the plus side, it was well-cooked and tasted good – I thought it was pretty juicy, but Nazia thought that it could have been better in that department. All in all, the patties were decent. HOWEVER, what really let the patty down was the size. When we saw the menu consisted mostly of double patty burgers, we expected a TON of meat. The patties were so small that even with two of them, we had empty bun remaining. Overall, the patty gets a 3 out of 5.



The bun wasn’t too doughy and it was slightly sweet. We thought the sweetness complimented the rest of the contents of the burger well. The bun was sizeable and made for a filling burger, but we thought it could do with a bit more toasting – it wasn’t cold though, which is a plus. All in all, it was a good bun, deserving of a 4 rating.



When we go out for burgers, we usually pick a safe, standard option (classical double cheeseburger etc.) and then something a little more adventurous.

For our standard burger, we thought the Saint Side fit the bill. The Saint Side is your classical American double cheeseburger, sporting two beef patties, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, raw white onions topped with American mustard and spicy ranch sauce. We thought this burger was pretty solid, and the combination of sauces with the fresh ingredients made it juicy and tasty. We weren’t exactly blown away by it though – it struck as a pretty ordinary burger with nothing to complain about.

To spice things up (PUN INTENDED OMG), we chose the Route 666, a burger that packs a punch, sporting two beef patties, cheese, caramelized onions, jalapenos, pickles, mustard, tomato and Changz hot sauce. Well, I think it was intended to pack a punch, but it didn’t really deliver on the spice front. Judging by the make up of the burger, we expected a unique and out there taste, but (and I hate to make this comparison) it tasted like a McDonald’s quarter pounder with jalapenos thrown in. Overall, this burger tasted alright, but it was far less impressive than what we were expecting.

Overall, Truck Stop served up some pretty good burgers, but they fell short of amazing.



“The presentation was pretty good, but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when it came out. I was expecting something bigger and meatier” – Nazia

You know something’s not right when she says that after seeing it for the first time. But honestly, I had to agree. We expected a massive chunky meal fit for a trucker – but the burger fell short of this. That being said, trays were stylish and the presentation was neat. The burgers were wrapped in grease paper and they looked good.


Given the aesthetic of the restaurant, we were expecting a massive, hearty feed – the burgers looked nice, but they didn’t fit the bill.



This is where we thought Truck Stop fell short. We didn’t feel as though we got our moneys worth, especially judging by the size of the patties. We paid $14 for the Saint Side and $14.50 for the Route 666. Even though we weren’t blown away, this is not to say that we had a bad experience at truck stop – the burgers weren’t quite up to the $14 mark for us.



We had a side of trucker fries – fries topped with caramelized onions, pickles and special sauce. We thought the fries were great and there were sufficient sauce and toppings. The caramelized onions were a real highlight. Looking over at others enjoying milkshakes from Truck Stop, we were really impressed by the look of them. Overall, Truck Stop had a great range of sides and drinks although some were a little pricey.

Every table had its own little set of condiments which was really cool – once we sat down we didn’t really have to get back up for napkins or sauce. To take it a step further, the condiments were in a toolbox, which really complimented the vibe of Truck Stop.


Truck Stop Deluxe is a burger restaurant and bar with an incredible aesthetic and vibe. We enjoyed simply being in there and that’s really saying something. The burgers were tasty and there were some interesting choices on the menu including a burger with a mac and cheese croquette in it. They were juicy and tasty but the patties were a bit too small and they just didn’t blow us away. All in all, we’d definitely stop by Truck Stop again.



Check out Truck Stop Deluxe for yourselves and tell us your thoughts!

By Tausif and Nazia



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