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The second burger joint we’re hitting is the aptly named Mr. Burger. Located in heart of the CBD, Mr. Burger initially made a name for itself as a well sought after rotating food truck. They’ve established a number of permanent eateries in Melbourne now, which is great cause their burgers rock.


I’m gonna go ahead and just say that the patty was AMAZING. It was succulent, juicy and it tasted great. Initially, looking at the patties, they seemed a little thin as they were being cooked – we found however that they were sizeable and delicious. Although in the burger Tausif ordered the meat sufficiently filled the bun, I was left over with quite a bit of bun at the end. I think it might have just been a one off problem with my patty, but for the sake of the review we had to penalize this otherwise fantastic patty.



Everyone loves a delicious set of buns, and in this case that’s exactly what we got! The bun was slightly glazed and pleasantly sweet – the flavors really complimented the tangy taste of the meat. The only qualm we had with this otherwise tasty bun, which was just short of perfection, was that it was served cold. Admittedly, this didn’t take away from the taste of the burger, but a toasty bun was expected seeing that it was run through a toasting machine.



Tausif ordered what we believe to be a standard burger – the Mr. Double, which sported double meat, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and their special signature Trucker Sauce (it also had double bacon but we decided to get it without). This burger was PHENOMENAL. The fresh ingredients, the perfect balance of toppings and the mayo-based special sauced made for an epic combination. Tausif wouldn’t say this often, but he would have been content even if it were single patty.

I opted for the burger Mr. Meat, which consisted of beef, cheese, lettuce, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise (this also had bacon but again we left it out). For a burger named Mr. Meat I seriously thought it was lacking in that department as I was left with a significant amount of empty bun towards the end. The sweetness of the BBQ sauce in conjunction with the bun, the onions and the mayo was overpowering and I think it took away from the goodness of the patty. All in all, this one was nothing to write home about.

We got one excellent burger and one mediocre one, but the Mr. Double was good enough to make us want to go back.




The burgers were presented on a tray and were wrapped in foil. Upon looking at the clearly succulent patties and the spades of oozing melted cheese, our stomachs started rumbling right away. The burgers looked juicy and the Mr. Double looked sizeable – but the Mr. Meat was a little flat and the image I got from the burger’s name wasn’t what I had in front of me. Nevertheless, the burgers looked yummy and we couldn’t wait to dig in.



The Mr. Double was priced at $14 whereas the Mr. Meat came with a $12 price tag. The burgers were by no means expensive and for what you get, the pricing was standard for Melbourne. The Mr. Double was a filling feed for the price, but the Mr. Meat on the other hand left me hungry and unsatisfied. The price tags weren’t unreasonable, but paying $12 you’d expect a filling meal.



The menu was nice and simple. There wasn’t an amazing range of options but that didn’t really detract from Mr. Burger at all. The chips were crunchy and pleasant and there were some really interesting milkshakes on the menu (like ginger and caramel) that we’re really keen to try when we go back.


From its humble beginnings as a food truck, Mr. Burger has developed into an awesome, casual burger chain, which we think really delivers on taste and freshness. We had a hit and miss experience of sorts, because although one of the burgers was phenomenal, the other left us slightly disappointed. That being said, Mr. Burger really delivers on a charming and pure burger experience. We’d highly recommend you give it a shot!


By Nazia and Tausif



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