Nazia has a lisp

Tuesday 12th April 2016, 11:30PM

Nazia has a lisp. Where she would pronounce R, she pronounces W instead. Same thing with V – she substitutes it for a W. I went over to hers one day and surprised her – she didn’t think I would be over til much later. She beamed at me as she said, “You’re here alweady?” I laughed for at least five straight minutes and she couldn’t understand what was so funny.

Her lisp is one of my favorite things about her. That and her infallible propensity to always be craving some type of food. It’s always something different – poutine, cheesecake, gween tea ice cweam etc. These cravings follow no discernible pattern. Trust me, I’ve tried to work it out loads of times. She called me in the middle of the night once to tell me she lied about eating dinner (I try to make her eat on time, she’s a weirdo and she skips meals) and she was craving fries from McDonalds. It’s funny and cute.

I thought about how she would text me immediately as she would get these cravings. How the screen of my phone would light up with her name on it. I looked down at my phone. I was longing for one of those texts. Her voice was in my head. Saying the stupidest, most meaningless things. “I want poutine”, “Give me two minutes I’m not weady”.

I was struggling to keep myself together. Violent sobs shook my body as I struggled not to make a sound. Her condition was getting worse. I compulsively looked down at my phone. I’d do anything for one of those messages. And time and time again I would have the harrowing realization anew.

I wasn’t going to get it.



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