Travels through Bangladesh: Red dawn


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Our flag
The corporeal symbol of our voice
An embodiment of the trials endured
For the banal liberty of speaking our tongue

The red disc, the blood of our forefathers
We remember with the setting of the sun

The lush green fields
The verdant land, rife with soil rich
The trophy of their sacrifice

Now hear our voices
Without persecution, without fear

“Determination. Struggle. We’ve done a lot to get where we are. We should be proud.” – Farhan Khan

“Red – our passion for our land. Green – the beauty of our country.” – Abrar Aziz

“A wave of emotion sweeps over me. It represents so much.” – Mary Yusuf

“Home. Where the green fields are blanketed with the blood of independence.” – Antora Sharif

“Blood spilt… to protect our language and heritage of my people.” – Tayeba Quddus

“The sun. And the blood of our countrymen.” – Urjoshi Kamal
Hardware: iPhone 5S
Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh

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